Learn the truth about Pugs of Color

Any breeder breeding such colors as brindle, white or grey Pugs, beware! These colors do NOT appear naturally in our breed. In order to obtain such colors another breed has to be introduced. So before you go out and buy that rare brindle colored Pug, know that you are not buying a pure Pug, but a mixed breed. Both of the parents may appear to look like Pugs, but somewhere in their family tree a dog of another breed was introduced, such as a French Bulldog, Boston Terrier or similiar. 

A reputable breeder breeds to the standard and will not at any time introduce another breed into their breeding program in order to profit from producing these unnatural colors. Pugs come in two colors...FAWN and BLACK. Period. Fawns can be various shades of fawn from apricot to a very light, almost blond colored fawn. All Pugs have dark pigment, even the blacks. However, the black mask cannot be seen on a black Pug due to it's overall coat color. Fawns should have a black mask that includes a black muzzle, black ears and the black around their eyes. 

Pug like dogs that are all white are either albino, which is a genetic defect or they are a mixed breed and have white coats and faces due to another breeds genetic input. When you invest your hard earned money into purchasing a live long family companion, why would you buy a mixed breed? There are countless mixed breeds waiting in shelters and rescue already. If you are wanting a purebred Pug from a breeder, make sure the breeder is reputable and not one that is promoting these odd colors. The simply don't exist naturally in our breed and what you'll be buying is a high priced mutt to put it bluntly.

The integrity of the Pug breed is very important to responsible breeders. The future of the Pug breed is very important to responsible breeders. We will never condone the practice of mixed breeding in order to alter the natural coat color of our beloved Pugs. So buy responsibly and when you set out to add a new puppy to your family, be aware of the breeder you are buying from. Make sure they indeed have the best interest of the breed in mind and are not simply out to line their own pockets by selling odd colored puppies to unsuspecting buyers.  

Kelle Arvay is a show breeder of AKC champion fawn and black Pugs.

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